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  • Car Accident
    The legal rules determining who's responsible for the personal, property damage resulting from a traffic collision.
  • Bank & Financial
    Where some amount of specialization is a must; there are many components for a solicitor to be a general practitioner.
  • Family Law
    Family law refers to rules, regulations, and court procedures involving the family unit.
  • Capital Market
    Capital markets are financial markets where long-term debt- or equity-backed securities are bought and sold.
  • Employment Law
    Employment law covers a vast area – from employment contracts to dismissal and everything in between.
  • Corporate
    Corporate Law (corporations law, company law) deals with the formation and operations of corporations.
  • Dispute Resolution
    A term that refers to a number of processes that can be used to resolve a conflict, dispute or claim.


Michael John
Michael has been working as a criminal lawyer for over 10 years, his such thick experience has helped a lot of clients win their cases.
Sarah Stone
An expert in family law, she has witnessed and solved many family cases, all clients she served trust and acknowledge her ability.
Josh Tim
He has been working with many companies, from small to big ones, in employment law practice, he is famous for his constant and firmly believe in justice.

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The first thing you should do when someone owes you money is to speak to them to find out why they haven’t paid. After all they may have simply overlooked it. If they’re struggling to pay you back, you may be able to negotiate some kind of payment arrangement which keeps the relationship amicable.

To start court proceedings a solicitor will file a Statement of Claim. If someone serves you with one of these, you shouldn’t ignore it. If you do, the creditor can apply to the court for a judgment against you. You usually have 28 days to take action after someone serves a Statement of Claim on you.

You can send a debtor a letter of demand to allege that they owe a debt and advise that if it’s not paid within a certain period of time (usually 14 days), you’ll begin legal action. If you receive a letter of demand you should pay your debt as soon as you can, to avoid also being charged interest and legal costs.


“Kelly was personable and diligent in recovering my losses from two different insurance agencies
following my motorcycle accident. I felt I truly had someone in my court fighting the fight for me which allowed me time to recover. Thanks Kelly.”

“Lee Burdette helped me file a case with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. He was thorough with his research and knowledge of cases like my own. He made the process simple and eased any anxiety about filing a case.”

“I had a disabling reaction to a common vaccine, which, by law, can only be addressed through the federal court of claims. The law limits payments to lawyers in such cases but despite this Kelly Burette applied herself with dedication and creativity, finding paths through the process even when serious obstacles were put in our way. She communicated well with parties on both sides as well as expert witnesses. Her efforts kept me well informed and led to a settlement acceptable to all parties. I would highly recommend her and her firm.”

“I was unsure if I my case involving vaccine injury was worth pursuing and had come across Mr. Burdette in my research. I happened to be in town and he offered to see me right away since I don’t live in Seattle. He was very approachable, straightforward and informative and I felt he was ethical and would not waste my time. He and Kelly were very responsive and attentive and I never felt uncomfortable contacting them with any sort of question. He proceeded to obtain a positive outcome for me and I would not hesitate to call on his services in the future.”

“There are no words to describe how great an experience I had with Kelly. She helped me get a settlement for my SIRVA case and went way above and beyond her duties when I thought we would not reach a settlement. I would never recommend anyone else for a Vaccine case!”

“I had an injury due to a flu shot. While I eventually did recover, I had lost work time as well as over $600 of physical therapy co-pays that I was responsible for. I had read that there is a way to get compensated by the government for losses such as these and I was referred to the Burdettes. Over the course of almost 2 years, Kelly kept in touch with me, got the documentation she needed, and amazingly enough, I actually got a settlement from the government. I had not even known such a service existed. I am very grateful to Kelly for all that she did and will use her again if I need legal services.”